September 24th Sep 2017
The Big Launch

With approximately 10,000 visitors, our ‘Big Launch’ event exceeded even our loftiest expectations and has set the standards higher for our second market which takes place this month!

September’s market hosted a huge range of quintessentially eccentric items and all sorts of goodies, from jewellery to soaps, tattoo, clothing, and glassware. There was also an awesome array of appetizing street food including African cuisine, seafood, traditional delicacies, a vintage French bakery, Mexican dishes, barbecues, crepes…and even more…. but let’s stop here not make ourselves too hungry before the next event!

From the giggle-inducing antics of Street Comedy, huge ‘wows’ of astonishment at Pantheatrix’s fire breathing, to the bopping and boogying along with fantastic vintage acts like Lewis Jordan Brown and Miss Annie, our amazing entertainers gave our visitors a real treat on the day and the comments we’ve had since have been overwhelming!

Visit our blog to read more about this event and what’s coming next!

Metropole Market