October 29th Oct 2017
Day Of The Dead

Take a small south coast town, pour an abundance of entertainers in, mix with diverse food stalls, stir well, bake it in a great deal of laughter and sprinkle a Day of the Dead inspired parade on top.

What do you get?

Metropole Market’s ‘Day of the Dead’ fiesta!

Our trusty local producers, talented performers and loyal visitors made this market even greater than the first one.

We had a fabulous time dressing up, painting our faces, dancing the day away and nibbling on delicious treats. Over 13,000 people joined in the fiesta spirit to create the best 6 hours on Holdenhurst Road.

‘Big Launch’ favourites such as Street Comedy, The Pantheatrix and Miss Annie were joined by the Skull Drummers, Beat Banditos, The Mother Ukers and many more talented artists who contributed to the exhilarating atmosphere.

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